After Care Instructions

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone. This is a very high maintenance beauty treatment. It requires very gentle care in order for the lashes to last long and stay in good condition. Once the lashes are attached you must not rub or pull on them. You must not wear any mascara (most importantly waterproof) or use Eyelash curlers. You should read and understand all the information listed below, and sign the form before you get this service done.


How long do the Eyelashes last?

It is an individual process. The naturally growth cycle of lashes has them falling out and regrowing at different times and stages. Lashes can stay on up to 2 months with proper care and maintenance. However, many get fills every 2-4 weeks to keep the desired look. Factors such as eyelash growth, lifestyle and general after care will affect how long the lashes last. If you must wear mascara use only non-waterproof mascara as you should not use oil based make up removers since the oil based products will break done the adhesive bond on the extension.


What if I do not like them?

If times goes by and you decide that lash extensions just aren’t for you DO NOT attempt to remove any lashes on your own, seek professional help from your technician. Removing them on your own may cause damage to your natural lashes! We will not be held liable for any damages that you may cause by trying to remove the eyelash extensions on your own.


What happens if a lash should loosen or become dislodged?

If at anytime before your fill lashes become loosened or dislodged please do not pull on the lash. Please contact your Technician to make an appointment to have them removed or replaced, to avoid damage to your natural lash. As your natural lashes fall out due to the new growth cycle, you will need fills every 2-4 weeks to maintain your desired look.


A few added tips to keep your extensions looking fabulous and new are:

1. Do not perm or tint lashes before or after lash extension application.

2. Do not use a regular eyelash curler.

3. Do not rub your eyes or lashes when washing your face.

4. Clean around the eyes with a damp wash cloth or moistened cotton swab.

5. Do not use oil based eye make up removers.

6. Do not pull your lash extensions, as it may pull out your natural lash as well.

7. Do not use saunas while wearing eyelash extensions.

8. Do not use waterproof mascara (or other waterproof eye make up).

9. Do not attempt to remove the Extensions on your own.

10. Do not cut the Extensions (you may cut your own lashes).

11. Brush through your lashes daily with a clean mascara spoolie.

12. Remember to come in for fills regularly to avoid damage to your lashes.