After Care

Post Procedure Instructions

Your skin will be temporarily sensitized after the treatment and you should adhere to the following instructions for the next 10 days. This will help avoid infection and will allow time for the skin to recover.

  • For the next 10 days you will exercise a dry healing and apply nothing to the brow area except for the ointment provided.
  • Morning and night you will wipe gently with the moist gauze provided and apply a thin layer of the ointment provided to the brow area.
  • It is advised to not get the brow area wet for the first 10 days as this is when the skin will be healing. Getting the brows wet could result in pigment being flushed or pushed out.
  • If you apply make-up during the 10 days following the treatment, you do so at your own risk. This will greatly increase your risk of infection and thus I advise against it.
  • Clients who have been prescribed an antibiotic cream should follow the instructions of their medical practitioner. Apply your after care cream with a cotton swab only.
  • Surface healing will occur over the first 2 weeks and it is perfectly normal for the treated area to scab. These scabs will fall off on their own within a few days of appearing. DO NOT PICK THEM!
  • It is normal for the colour to fade or strokes to ‘shrink’ within the healing period. All concerns or corrections to color or size of tattoo can be made at the time of touch up.
  • If you are someone who typically has oilier skin I would suggest using oil blotting papers to dab the eyebrow area periodically throughout the day to avoid access oil on the treated area for the healing process. Do not rub.

During the post treatment period please try to avoid the following:

  • Getting the eyebrows wet.
  • Touching the treated area. If you must make sure you have clean dry hands.
  • Using soaps, cleansers, creams or make-up on the treated area.
  • Facial treatments, including eyelash or eyebrow tinting or tweezing, electrolysis, waxing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers, etc.
  • Any abrasive products, rough towels or similar.
  • Taking hot baths, saunas, steam or any other heat treatment.
  • Sunbathing, using sun beds or swimming.
  • Using any form of bleach or depilatory products.
  • Working out/sweating a lot within the first 10-14 days following the procedure.

Should an infection occur please seek medical attention.


The first 2-4 weeks will be a roller coster of emotions as your brows start to heal. Please give it the full 4 weeks of healing before making any rash judgements on your newly tattooed brows! IF there are things that you wish to make changes to after that point we will be able to discuss them at your touch up!