After Care Instructions

Main Rules:

  • After the initial installation, do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours (48 is best).
  • Keep your attachment points clean, dry, brushed and separated.
  • Avoid excessive heat, conditioner and oils on the bonds or tape.
  • Comb out any tangles right away.
  • Keep up with your maintenance schedule.

Suggested Products:

  • Gentle shampoo. Sulfate free is best.
  • Conditioner for color treated hair.
  • Deep conditioner for ends 1-2 times per week.
  • Loop brush.


  • Brush out any tangle, holding your hair in one hand to avoid pulling from the root area. Work from the bottom, towards the crown.
  • Remember to brush the root area to prevent matting of attachments.
  • When you get to the root, separate the strands from each other and pull them apart.
  • Brush your hair in this manner at least two times per day.


  • Wet hair with warm water, pace shampoo in the palm of your hands and stroke the scalp.
  • Never use circular motions, as this will cause the hair to tangle. 
  • Wash your head tilted slightly back and not forward. 
  • Your goal is to clean your scalp rather than your hair as your scalp provides oils which attract dirt. 
  • Use hands to squeeze excess water from your hair. Place conditioner in the palm of your hands and stroke downwards, taking care not to ut conditioner on your attachments. Starting at mid point on the shaft is best. 
  • Comb the hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to get rid of any tangle. Do not brush wet hair.
  • Your attachments could come out immediately if you get conditioner on them. 
  • You do not need to put conditioner on your scalp because your scalp naturally produces oils to lubricate the scalp. 


  • Rinse with cool water to seal the cuticles and create a nice shine. 
  • Pat your hair dry with a towel and squeeze. Do not rub, this will cause tangles. 
  • Add your leave in conditioner. Avoid placing products that contain oils, conditioners, or lubricants directly to the scalp or the point of attachment. This will cause the bonds or the tape to slowly soften and you will eventually loose the extension.
  • Use silicone based products instead of oil based products.
  • Always dry the root area thoroughly to avoid attachments slipping or breaking. 
  • Use medium to low heat when blow drying and finish with cool air once the hair is completely dry. 
  • Never sleep with wet hair. 
  • Avoid touching the bonds or tapes with a warm styling tool or heat. This can loosen them. 


  • To avoid looking like the Lion King when you wake up, braid or tie your hair in a ponytail while you sleep. 
  • A satin pillowcase also helps a lot to avoid tangles.