Top 5 Myths of Calgary Hair Extensions

We all know that one person whose friend of a friend had to shave their head because of a hair extension experience gone horribly wrong.  But let’s be completely honest here; if you are taking proper care and following the after care you will have no issues with your beautiful hair extensions installed by your certified Calgary hair extensions stylist. Please make sure you are seeing a fully trained and certified stylist as this is the most important!


Now, if you are reading this you may be one of the many women who wish to have hair extensions, and it is normal to have questions and concerns about this service. It is even more important to know the difference between fact and fiction in regard to hair extensions. Hair extensions can help women achieve a wide variety of looks that their natural hair may not be able to fulfill. They can be applied to the hair to add luxurious length, volume, and/or color. Once you educate yourself on the truth verses the myths of hair extensions, you will be able to better determine if they are a good choice for you.

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Hair Extensions Damage Healthy Hair

One of the most popular myths regarding hair extensions is that your natural hair that they are attached to will be damaged. This is the first one your friend decides to use as her argument as to why you shouldn’t get extensions; it’s like she doesn’t want you to have long, luxurious hair that is better than hers or something?! Luxlox is a fully certified Calgary Hair Extension Salon and we have been fully trained in the art of applying, styling and maintaining hair extensions. We have the precision and dexterity to apply them correctly, which eliminates the majority of damage concerns. Also, many women use hair extensions to achieve a desired look while allowing their hair to become healthier and stronger. As long as your extensions are applied and removed by a trained professional, and you follow proper maintenance guidelines, the risk of damaging your hair with hair extensions is virtually eliminated.

Hair Extensions Prevent Natural Hair from Growing

Another common myth concerning hair extensions is that they will keep a woman’s natural hair from growing. Extensions do not affect natural hair growth in any way, therefore a women’s natural hair will continue to grow as normal with the extensions as it would without them. Hair extensions may even be applied to assist in a more comfortable transition from short to long hair, giving the client instant gratification of long locks while their natural hair catches up. There is no reason to be concerned about hair extensions stunting your natural hair growth, as it is simply nothing more than a myth.

Hair Extensions are Painful and Uncomfortable

The pain and discomfort that has been attributed to hair extensions is only a concern if you are having them applied by an untrained and uneducated stylist. Hair Extension Stylists at luxlox have completed extensive training to receive proper certification to apply, to style, and maintain hair extensions. The hair extensions that we use at luxlox Calgary are of the highest quality, 100% Remy Grade Hair and are designed to be worn for months before needing any adjustments. Although it is uncommon, if you do experience any pain or discomfort, it is important to come back to the salon in order for us to determine the route of the issue. The cause could be as simple as an allergic reaction to another hair product, and should be easy to correct. You can be confident and relaxed knowing that our stylists have the skill and training to apply and help you maintain your extensions with absolutely no concern of pain or discomfort.

Regular Maintenance is Required by a Hairstylist

The regular maintenance of hair extensions is not at all difficult and can be done by the client at home, simply with the guidance from your hair extension stylist. At home care is important to ensure the longevity and excellent quality of your hair extensions. Your stylist will explain the important steps and precautions to your at home maintenance, as well as send you home with a sheet of your own to reference. Maintenance is simple and easy, such as brushing regularly to prevent tangles and avoiding oil based products to eliminate extensions slippage. Aside from a few steps, extensions can be washed and styled just like natural hair, with minimal maintenance.

Hair Extensions Limit Active Lifestyles

Whether you like to swim, exercise, play sports or even climb a mountain, hair extensions will not hold you back in any way. Hair extensions will look beautiful whether they are wet or dry. There are no lifestyle limits to wearing extensions, as they are simply meant to be an extension of a woman’s natural hair. Natural hair certainly isn’t going to keep you from doing activities that you love, so why should extensions?

Hair extensions offer clients such a wide range of options when it comes to the length, style and color of their hair. We believe it’s very important for our clients to understand the facts concerning any and all of our services. Now that you know the truth behind the myths of hair extensions, our stylists are more than happy to answer any of your remaining questions or concerns.


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