5 Secrets to Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Do you notice that your eyelash extensions don’t really last as long as you would hope they would, especially when you pay such a hefty price for them?? It could very well be the work of your Eyelash Extension Calgary Stylists fault, or you could be making a few mistakes that could be causing you to spend more money on your eyelashes than you wish!

Eyelash Extensions Calgary, Calgary Eyelash Extensions, Cheap Eyelash Extensions Calgary, Eyelash Extensions Calgary Reviews1. Sleep on your back!

I know that this one could be extremely hard for some of you but sleeping on your back is the absolute best way to sleep in order to keep you Eyelash Extensions Calgary looking the best, longest. When you sleep on your side or your stomach you often squish your face into your pillow which leaves lashes laying wonky, rubbing them off, or basically flattening them into your face! And I can guarantee you aren’t looking for any of these!


2. Your lashes need a lot of TLC.

Make sure to be super gentle with your lashes. No picky, or scrubbing off make up from the day! Each night they should be GENTLY cleansed to ensure all make up, dirt and/or oils are cleared away from your eyes! Not only is this good for the longevity of your lashes but this is a huge must to avoid bacteria build up on your lashes!


3. Dry Them!

I know this may sound silly, but just like you dry your hair on the top of your head after a shower, dry your Eyelash Extensions Calgary!!! Leaving them wet and soggy and cause the adhesive to break down a lot quicker. If you take your hair dryer and put it on a cool, low setting you can dry your lashes! This is also great to ensure that your lashes stay pointing the right direction and that there are no weird looking, unnatural lashes! If you keep your eyes open and point the hair dryer facing up so that it causes the Eyelash Extensions to point up you will get the best effect!

You do not need to over dry them, just get most of the moisture out of there.


4. Brush Them.

So same as the last point, you brush your hair daily! Why would you not brush your Eyelash Extensions daily? Every morning (and every night if you wish) comb through your lashes with your clean mascara spoolies. This will ensure that lashes don’t clump together, or that anything that may have gotten stuck in your lashes is brushed away. Also it keeps all the lashes pointing in the right direction as well as looking their best!


5. Leave Them Alone!

For some of you this is going to be the hardest step to follow. But ultimately it is the most important. You don’t want to mess up the naturally shedding process by prematurely picking out your natural lashes. If an eyelash looks funny or has started to point in a different direction than the rest do not try and correct it with your fingers! You can try brushing it out with your clean spoolie, cleansing your eyelash with a eyelash extension appropriate cleanser, or if all else fails contact your Eyelash Extension Calgary stylist!


These 5 steps are all very easy and can honestly push back your fill time by a week or more!


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