Difference Between Silk and Mink Lash Extensions

I am sure many of you have seen people talk or post about Silk or Mink Eyelash Extensions Calgary! And you have probably wondered what really is the difference and which one do I want!?

Let me start off by saying that one is not better than the other. Both Silk and Mink Eyelash Extensions are made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate, which is a type of polyester). The differences come from the look they achieve. It basically comes down to the look you want to achieve and just what YOU want!

What are Silk Eyelash Extensions? 

Silk lashes have a semi-gloss finish. They provide a gentle shine without looking too shiny or fake. The body of silk lashes are full, and the lash is tapered only at the tip (1/3) for a full finished look.

What are Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions? 

Mink lashes are semi-matte and have a velvet finish. They have a deeper taper for a softer look, and are a lighter extension type (compared to traditional silk). The lash is tapered at the tip (2/3) for a softer, more natural look.

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Both of these options are so gorgeous and will look great but is completely up to the look you want to achieve and what you as a client prefer! Silk is definitely the most popular as it does give a fuller look!

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