Loyalty Reward Time!

Well the New Year is here and with that I have been thinking of ways that I could reward my more than loyal customers! I have been wanting to give back and really thank all of you for your continued love and support to help grow my business like you all have! I am so thankful and so happy about the growth that my business had last year and guess what?! Because of this you all will get spoiled! 
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I have decided to start offering Loyalty Rewards! I know how expensive getting beauty services done can become and I wanted to give you a break. So with the purchase of 5 of the same services you will receive the 6th FREE!
For example if you get 5 Eyelash Extensions Fills Calgary you will get the 6th lash fill for free. Or if you get 5 Full Sets of Hair Extensions Calgary you will get the 6th free! 

How exciting is this?!

Make sure to mention at your next appointment that you want to get started with this program! Unfortunately this is a new program that I have started as of January 1st, 2016 so any previous appointments will not be valid for this! Only those appointments going forward! 
Those of you who get multiple services done you will have a card for each service. You will need to get 5 of the same service in order to get the 6th free! 


If you are interested in getting Hair Extensions, Eyebrow Extensions or Eyelash Extensions Calgary and don’t want to spend all that money on your first service we totally get that! If you click here you can find out how you can save 15% off your first visit!


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