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I feel like a lot of women just love to kibosh any beauty service that their friend may be wanting to get in a desperate attempt that she won’t become more beautiful than the her! Which in all reality is so incredibly juvenile. It is best to do your own research, come up with your own answers, and above all do what it is that you want to do. But after all I am sure that is why you are here in the first place, right?! Check out this Eyelash Extensions Calgary Myths vs. Facts!

If you are wanting Eyelash Extensions in Calgary make sure you are doing your homework on the lash technician that you are planning to receive services from. You want a fully trained and certified stylist who know what they are doing! That being said if you opt for a technician who isn’t as qualified some of these myths can quickly turn into fact with improper application methods.

Eyelash Extensions Calgary, Calgary Eyelash Extensions, Lash Extensions Calgary, Calgary Lash Extensions, Lash Artist Calgary, Calgary Lash Artist, YYC Lashes, Lashes YYCHere are the Top 5 Myths of Lash Extensions:

1. Your Eyelashes Will Fall Out!

Hmm, first off this is all fact. Your eyelashes naturally shed every 4-6 weeks to make sure for new growth! While you do not have eyelash extensions applied you will most likely not notice the shedding as your natural lashes are much thinner and lighter in colour. Once the extension is added on it makes it that much more darker and thicker that you easily notice when a natural lash sheds. This is nothing to be alarmed by, it is very natural and one of the main reasons for fills. If you are looking to get Eyelash Extensions in Calgary make sure the technician is fully trained and knows the appropriate length and weight an extensions can be when it is applied to a natural lash!

2. Your Eyelashes Will Never Grow Back

This is definitely a myth. The lash cycle allows new lashes to be growing at all times. If your lashes were not growing and shedding you would have no reason to get fills every 2-4 weeks. Since the adhesive is applied a few mm above the lash line and up the shaft, there is no reason that a lash follicle could get clogged or otherwise become dormant because of lash extension application. This myth can also turn into fact if your technician for eyelash extension Calgary hasn’t been properly trained and is doing an improper application. Please do your homework!

3. Eyelash Extensions Hurt

There is absolutely no reason that eyelash extensions should hurt when properly installed (unless you have a rare allergic reaction, which may cause slight redness and discomfort). When eyelash extensions are applied properly you will barely notice that they are there. The first few days of having extensions you may notice that they are slightly heavier, thicker and longer (but isn’t that the reason you got them in the first place?) but in no way will this be painful. You may have feelings of anxiety if this is your first time getting Eyelash Extensions, but do not mistake this for pain.


4. After having Eyelash Extensions Removed Your Natural Lashes Will Be Shorter and Thinner

Eyelash Extensions Calgary, Calgary Eyelash Extensions, Lash Extensions Calgary, Calgary Lash Extensions, Lash Artist Calgary, Calgary Lash Artist, YYC Lashes, Lashes YYCAgain, we have another myth. It may appear that your lashes have lost their length and fullness, but in all seriousness you did. You just had your Eyelash Extensions removed. You were used to this long, full lash look for 3 weeks – 3 years so of course it is going to feel like you have itty bitty lashes now!  They are however the same length and thickness that they always were before your Eyelash Extensions were applied.

5. You Must Take Breaks

I am sure you have heard your girlfriends say that they need to take a break from their lashes to let their natural lashes breath. Unfortunately for them, they sound ridiculous. There is no requirement that lashes need to ‘breath’. They in fact don’t even know that there has been an Eyelash Extension applied, it sheds and grows as it always has with nom effect of it whatsoever. You can however takes breaks if and when you want to, but there is no requirement to do so.





Now what is stopping you from getting Eyelash Extensions Calgary?!

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