FAQ – Eyebrow Extensions

What are Eyebrow Extensions?

Eyebrow Extensions are a popular new product that lengthens and thickens your own natural brows. Eyebrow Extensions can be applied either onto existing brow hair, or directly onto the skin with a skin safe FDA approved clear adhesive. They are applied one by one to give the most natural look possible. There are 5 shades to choose from and natural brows can be tinted prior to the brow extensions application in order to achieve the colour colour of your overall brows if desired.


How long does it take to get them installed?

Depending on how many questions you have when you first come in, exactly the look that you are going for, and which restoration level is needed your first appointment will take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.


Will it hurt to get them?

Absolutely not! There should be no reason why getting eyebrow extensions applied should hurt at all. There are a select few people who do experience allergic reactions to the adhesive, but that is mostly swelling and itchiness and no pain. Rest assured allergic reactions happen to few people.


How long will they last?

Eyebrow Extensions can typically last up to 3 weeks. Your eyebrows go through a natural growing and shedding process. So when your eyebrow extensions start to fall off this is completely normal and there is no reason to be alarmed. Also how long they last will also be determined by your oil level of your skin. Someone who has slightly oiler skin will have to come back more frequently to get the extensions reapplied. Suggested fill times are between 1-2 weeks.


Will I need the Eyebrow Extensions forever?

This completely depends on the reason you are getting eyebrow extensions in the first place. You may have just over tweezed your brows and are trying to get your hair to grow back in, and you want your brows to look up kept in the process, in this case you will not need them forever. In about 3-5 months your brows should be fully grown back in and as full as ever.

If you have a medical concern that is causing hair loss then unless this condition changes you will be getting eyebrow Extensions on a continuos basis (if that is what you wish).


I prefer this service more for a special occasion as opposed to a service you continually receive week after week.*


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