FAQ – Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are a popular new product that lengthens and thickens your own natural lashes. They are single strands of false eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural lash. They are applied to each individual eyelash with a specially designed bonding agent for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.


How long does it take to get them installed?

Depending on how many questions you have when you first come in, and exactly the look that you are going for, your first appointment will take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours.


Will it hurt to get them?

Absolutely not! There should be no reason why getting eyelash extensions applied should hurt at all. There are a select few people who do experience allergic reactions to the adhesive, but that is mostly swelling and itchiness and no pain.


How long will they last?

Eyelash Extensions typically last up to 6 weeks. Your eyelashes go through a natural growing and shedding process. So when your eyelash extensions start to fall off this is completely normal and there is no reason to be alarmed. This is why there is a need to come back every 3-4 weeks for fills to maintain the look you are wanting to achieve.


Will they damage my natural lashes?

If you are going to a fully and properly trained Eyelash Extension Stylist there will be no damage to your natural lashes. As long as they are applying the lashes properly, they are not using extensions that are too long, or heavy for your natural lash to hold, and you are following proper after care instructions you will have no damage to your natural lashes. The quickest way to damage your natural lashes is to pull off or trig to remove the eyelash extensions yourself.


Does the removal hurt?

No. When Eyelashes are removed a specially formulated gel remover is applied to the eyelashes on top of the adhesive. Your eyes will be closed during this time. Once the remover has sit on the adhesive long enough for it to break down the eyelash extensions will just slide right off your natural lash causing absolutely no pain.

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