FAQ – Hair Extensions

What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions (Hot Fusion) are applied to your natural hair in small ‘bundles’ with heated keratin adhesive. Your hair is made of 90% keratin(a protein compound), which makes this method more gentle on hair than regular glue. Once the keratin is heated it is then rolled around your natural hair and then hardening. It never adheres to your natural hair.


What are Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Micro Link Hair Extensions are applied to your natural hair in small ‘bundles’ with a metal or plastic bead. A special tool clamps the bead onto your hair and secures the extension in place.


Will extensions ruin my natural hair?

If hair extensions are properly cared for and all after care procedures are followed you should have no damage to your natural hair. After Care Instructions can be found here. People often think that they have lost a lot of hair after removing extensions but the reasoning for this is that they have had extremely thick hair for awhile and now have half as much and it feels thinking, making them believe that they have thinner natural hair, rest assured this will not be the case if the proper care is taking not only with the extensions by the client but also with the removal from a fully trained Hair Extension Specialist.


How long will extensions last?

Fusion Hair Extensions will last 3-5 months with proper care. At that time you may be able to just get a maintenance done on your hair without having to do a complete removal and reapply. The maintenance includes removal and reapply of the bottom 1-2 rows and the bonds around your face. Prices for maintenance vary and can be found here. Please note that not all clients are candidates for maintenance services. It all depends on the state of your extensions and how well you take care of them. If you are not following the After Care Instructions properly you extensions may not be salvageable past the 3-5 months.
Micro Link Hair Extensions will last 3-6 months however maintenance services are required every 6-8 weeks. At these maintenance appointments all extensions are removed and they are reinstalled with new beads closer to the scalp. This is needed because over time the beads (and extensions) will start to slip down the hair shaft or some may have fallen out (which is completely normal to lose a few between each appointment).


How long does it take to install a full head of Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are installed in between 2-3 hours depending on the amount of grams being installed.


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