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Alright ladies, let’s talk about the hottest new thing to come to Eyelash Extensions Calgary! They are called Flat (Groove) Lashes! I know they don’t sound that awesome, but let me tell you whey they are the best thing, ever!

So a traditional Eyelash Extensions is round! Makes sense because our natural eyelashes are round. Flat Lashes are not flat, however they have a flatter appearance compared to the traditional Eyelash Extension. They actually have 2 groves in them that serve 2 purposes.

#1. They have a perfect little spot where the natural eyelash can rest in. This will created a much better bond, given you much longer retention, which means your lashes will last longer! YAY.

#2. Since there are 2 groves the Eyelash Extensions become lighter! This is good because you will not have to worry about your Eyelash Extensions being too heavy for your natural eyelash, and because your natural eyelash can now hold an even longer Eyelash Extensions again without compromising your natural eyelash. So if you are wanting to up your length this is the perfect way to do that while still keeping your natural lashes happy!

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Another reason these lashes are so amazing is because they give off a slightly wider appearance you get a much fuller look with the Classic Eyelash Extension method than a traditional Classic Eyelash Extension! This seems like a no brainer to me, longer, fuller, yet lighter! Ummm, yes please! These things are a serious dream for any Eyelash Extensions Artist in Calgary!


Flat Eyelash Extensions are made from PBT (a type of polyester), same as silk or mink lash extensions, Flat lashes are the lightest of the 3 Eyelash Extensions and they have a matte finish that gives these a very natural look. Needless to say these have become my all-time favorite Eyelash Extensions to work with!



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