I’m Freaking Out!

Eyebrow Tattoo Post Procedure FAQ
AKA I’m Freaking Out!

Please always refer to these questions before contacting Luxlox following your treatment. All concerns will/can be addressed at the time of touch up. Keep in mind that this is a building process and can take anywhere from 2-3 appointments to perfect your eyebrows.


My eyebrows are scabbing. Is this okay?

Scabbing is completely normal. Some people do not scab at all while others will have tiny scabs on each stroke made. Either is completely fine, this is just your body’s way of healing itself. Please leave the scabs, and do not touch or pick at them. They will fall off on their own a few days after they appear.

My eyebrows scabbed and the pigment fell off with it!

If you did not pick your scabs and they fell off on their own all is fine. This is the healing process. Since they were just so dark and the scab has fallen off it may partly be just a mind trick. Most times the pigment is still very much there. However the new skin that has grown over will be a bit thicker for the first few days as it is trying to protect the ‘wound’. Once this skin is back to normal thickness your brows may reappear again.

My eyebrows are faded/missing! What happened?

This is normal and 90-100% of clients experience this. All that is happening is your new skin is growing over the pigment. This new skin is quite a bit thicker in order to protect the ‘wound’ and heal itself. Once this skin goes back to normal thickness your eyebrows will become visible again. If in fact a few strokes do not come ‘back’ or if there are lighter then you want, that can be assessed and corrected at the touch up appointment.

My eyebrow strokes have shrunk or half the stroke is missing. What did I do wrong?

This can partly be answered from the previous question. As long as all after care instructions were followed you did nothing wrong. At the touch up strokes that aren’t fully there are gone over again and any shrunken or missing strokes will be fixed. This is why the touch up is so important. Again, this is a building process and can take anywhere from 2-3 appointments to perfect your eyebrows.


Over the next 2-4 weeks your eyebrows may change a lot, sometimes even daily. Do not be alarmed or freak out. Unless it is very serious please refrain from texting me on a daily basis. All of this is completely normal. Please be patient with the process. All concerns or corrections can and will be made at the touch up appointment. If you do have any serious problems or reactions to the treatment please seek medical advise from your doctor.

Enjoy Your New Eyebrows!