Why Choose luxlox for Hair Extensions Calgary??

So I know there are many places to get Hair Extensions in Calgary and it can me daunting and overwhelming trying to decide which one to pick. I wanted to give you a breakdown of what kind of hair we use and why, as well as how we performing this transformation.

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Firstly I prefer the fusion method, and this is why. I know how costly and time consuming being a girl can be and I want to try and give you as much of a break as possible. Fusion Hair Extensions Calgary will last between 3-6 months with zero maintenance appointments in between. This means that if you are properly caring for your Hair Extensions and giving them the TLC they need then you will not have to worry about them for 6 months! Wow right?! After 6 months you will get them all removed and start fresh with new hair and all. You can go another 6 months before your next appointment. You get fabulously luscious hair for a couple hours twice a year! I mean who doesn’t love low maintenance.

Now, let’s talk about the Hair Extensions that we carry. We call them Luxury Cuticle, fancy huh? I am sure you are wondering what exactly that means, so lets break it down.

Each bundle is 1 gram. Some Hair Extensions have the option of coming in 0.5 gram or 0.9 gram bundles. I like to give you as much hair as possible so I opt to purchase the 1 gram bundles.
Here is why, if I put 100 bundles in your head (for some people with thin hair and a smaller head this can be a lot) you get 100 grams. If I was only using 0.5 gram bundles and still put 100 bundles in you would only end up with 50 grams of hair! HUGE difference!

These Hair Extensions are double drawn. If you take a look at the extension while it is hanging there and you notice that about halfway down the shafts the hair starts to thin causing the ends to look a little straggly, this is single drawn Hair Extensions. Double Drawn Hair Extensions have the same weight from bond to ends. This gives you a full, luscious look all the way down.

All of our Hair Extensions are full cuticle. This means that all cuticles are intact and facing the same direction from root to tip. If you have ever had Hair Extensions where after a couple weeks they start to get a ‘velcro’ effect and get so matted and dry at the ends these definitely could have been Hair Extensions that were not full cuticle. Full cuticle Hair Extensions Calgary will last much longer than ones that are not. You will not have to constantly brush them (multiple times a day), they will not feel as dry or damaged, and they will look and feel more like your natural hair.

Lastly, all of our Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Grade Human Hair. This is one of the top grades of hair and is 100% real human hair, no animal hair or synthetic hair. This type of hair can be treated just as your natural hair. It can be cut, curled, straightened, and dyed.

I know this is a lot of information, if you are still unclear please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you are still having! I am definitely always here to help!



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