Why you Should Stop Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions Calgary can be a great option for one night out, a big day, or just a few hour wear. They can completely change your look without the commitment of more permanent alternatives. And let’s be honest we all love the thickness and length that the Clip In Hair Extensions give us. Although once you start wearing them more then half the days in the week, or worse everyday, you need to start thinking of a new alternative; and here is why!


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When you install Clip In Hair Extensions your healthy hair can normally handle the added weight for a short period of time. When you start increasing that time for 12+ hours a day or multiple days a week the Clip In Hair Extensions start to weaken your hair! The worst part about this is that the hair is weakened close to the root instead of at the end. Eventually overtime the constant daily wearing of the Clip In Hair Extensions with start to break off your hair.


So you thought that you were getting thicker, longer hair and in return the Clip In Hair Extensions will give you shorter, thinner hair. How horrible is this?! And you thought you were doing so good opting for the option that was better on your wallet; trust me ladies, this isn’t always the best decision! I am all for a good bargain, but your hair is not something to cheap out on.


Please don’t get me wrong, Clip In Hair Extensions are a great option for here-and-there type of wearing! Once you start to get into more constant wearing a change to a more permanent method of hair extensions is definitely better for your hair. For example, Fusion Hair Extensions Calgary use the same weight per extension bond to attach to an equivalent amount of your natural hair (1 gram of extension to 1 gram of natural hair). This is a key way to prevent any damage or breakage of your natural hair.



Now why are you still wearing Clip In Hair Extensions Calgary?!

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