5 Tricks to Keep Your Hair Extensions Lasting Longer!

Hair Extensions can be a costly want for most ladies and you don’t want all that hard earned money to go straight down the drain because you weren’t taking the proper care to help them last their longest!

Getting Hair Extensions Calgary may make things even harder as the dry weather is just not the ideal climate, but nonetheless there are still steps you can make to prevent dry, damaged hair from happening.


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1. Brush, Brush, Brush!

I honestly can not stress enough how important it is to brush out your hair throughly at least once a day! And not just a quick once over. Take some time (5 minutes) and brush out layers of your hair! Taking care to make sure you have no tangling or notting happening. Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. But it you are brushing these out daily you will not have issues when you come to either get maintenance (old hair removed and new extensions installed) or if you chose to remove them.

There is a reason I chose to put this as #1, as it actually is the most important rule to keeping your natural hair damage free from extensions.

2. Give your bonds some TLC

Since the bonds of either fusion or micro links are circular it is very easy for them to wrap themselves around each other, and slowly but surely cause huge matting. I have seen this first hand from clients who just weren’t up for the daily maintenance of hair extensions. One quick sure way to prevent this is, every few days take your hands and go through each bond to make sure it is unattached to its neighbour bond. Once 2 become attached they start multiplying at an alarming rate. Once there is matting it becomes a complete nightmare for the removal stage and can force you to have to cut hair where you normally wouldn’t want to.

3. Braid at night! 

By putting your extensions in a braid (or ponytail) at night, it lowers the chance of your extensions tangling in your sleep. I opt for the braid vs the ponytail because I find that the braid keeps my hair less frizzy in the morning, and completely free of tangles the next day. I am sure you could imagine the Lion King hair you would have in the morning if you choose to keep your hair down for bed!

4. Keep them Hydrated!

Do you moisturize your skin daily? I do. I also like to hydrate my hair as well. Having Hair Extensions Calgary can definitely make for slightly more work! But there is absolutely no reason you can’t have them! Just like you hydrate your skin, hydrate your extensions! My favourite way is a small amount of oil near the middle to end of the shaft. I don’t put the oil near my scalp/bond. A couple reasons are that I do not want to ruin the integrity of the bond and also because my scalp already produces natural oils and I really don’t need anymore that high up.

Another small step you can take especially if you have hair extensions in Calgary is to do a deep hydrating hair mask once a week. Again I would suggest that you use this only from the middle of the shaft down to the end of the extensions and not close to your scalp or bonds.

5. See your Extensions Stylist Regularly

Buy keeping up with your maintenance appointments you can substantially decrease your chances of matting and damage to your natural hair. All old bonds that are not in as great of condition will be removed and new hair will be added. The stylist for Hair Extensions Calgary at this point can also go through your entire head to make sure you are not missing any areas that you need to pay more attention to.


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