Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Calgary

Alright ladies! Let’s talk eyebrows; more specifically semi permanent eyebrow tattooing.

So what is considered an Eyebrow Tattoo, Calgary? It is any method that implants pigment/colour into the skin; in this case in the eyebrow area. There are a few different techniques in which this is done (sooo many different ways of saying it as well so don’t be fooled by the fancy name someone is calling it; they are all tattooing). These are some of the types of Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Calgary:

Nano Brows
Powdered Ombre / Shading Brows
Combo Brows

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Now let’s go a littler further into each and describe them and who they are best for.

1) Microblading – this method is done with a hand tool. There is no power or cords. The tip is made up of multiple microneedles in a straight line. The technician dips the tool into the chosen pigment and makes a small cut into the skin where the pigment is deposited, creating a hair like line. This technique is very natural as it just appears that the client has more natural eyebrow hairs.This service isn’t the best for oily skin types, thicker skin types, or those who bleed more than most. If you are a heavier make up wearer this eyebrow technique may not be the best suited for you.

2) Nano Brows – this method is done with a machine. Similar to a tattoo machine, however slightly different. Only 1 nano needle is used. This technique will give a similar look to the microblading, however is better for oily skin types, thicker skin types and those who tend to bleed more than normal.

3) Powdered Ombre / Shading Brows – this method is my favourite semi permanent eyebrow tattoo and what I personally have on my own brows. In this technique 1-5 needles are aligned in a cluster. This is a more filled in look and can give the finished appearance of soft powdered to bold powder, similar to if you filled your brows in with make up with a soft ombre front.This method is good for all skin types.

4) Combo Brows – This method would be a combination of powered brows and either nano or microblading. Combinations can include hairstroke fronts and filled in tails, hair strokes throughout and soft power also throughout. If done with nano and powdered filled in this method would be good for all skin types.

So there it is; semi permanent eyebrow tattoo Calgary! If you have any questions or just wanna chat send me a message here, text me at (587) 215-6049, or DM me on instagram @luxloxbeautybar. Don’t forget to have a peak at my semi permanent eyebrow tattoo Calgary work. Just click on the Gallery tab and you will see my most recent work!

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